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There is no future

without knowing

and learning from

the past.

Eleven thousand years ago, the beginning of agriculture produced the first of the great leaps in human evolution. Agriculture in Brazil played an equivalent role in the development of our country, especially the history built in the southern region by immigrants and natives of the pampas. Today, we are one of the world's leading food producers. The Agricultural Evolution Memorial, Straub Design project for the John Deere Institute, will be an experience of enchantment, emotion, information and pride for all who visit it.

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Conceived jointly with the Expography Architect Aurelio Sant'Anna and the journalist and writer Maria Celeste Correa, the memorial is an educational space that tells the history of agriculture in Brazil through an attractive environment that reveals the power that is Brazilian agriculture. The exhibition includes the first agricultural machines produced in the country, such as the first tractor and the first harvester, including the SLC 65 model by Schneider Logemann & Cia Ltda, a company later incorporated by the John Deere group. The museological design highlights the technology and grandeur of these machines.

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Tratores Agrícolas
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