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How to honor a team as highly committed as The Walt Disney Company Brazil? Straub Design embraced the challenge with enthusiasm! After several conversations and brainstorming, Disney's marketing team came up with a unique solution: a Yearbook. This famous 'yearbook', widely adopted by American schools, aims to celebrate and express gratitude for the past year, being the place where the memories of colleagues and the company are preserved.

Capa do Livro

In creative collaboration between Straub Design, Disney's Deco Soares and the marketing team, a special and magical Yearbook was created to express our 'Thank you'! With careful graphic design, Straub Design sought to convey the essence and charm of the team. Each page provides an immersive visual experience, with innovative layouts that capture the essence of the team. The Yearbook has become a treasure trove of precious moments shared by all.

It is with great satisfaction that Straub Design participated in this project, collaborating to create a special moment of celebration and recognition for the team at The Walt Disney Company Brazil. This unique experience underscores the importance of recognizing and valuing those who make the professional journey even more magical and meaningful.

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“Co-creating with the Disney team was a wonderful experience, fun and full of crazy ideas.”

Wil Caravanti

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein

“We are proud to be great storytellers. The cast is ready and laid out in these pages; Now let's write the script together.”

Hernán Estrada
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