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Organized by Associação Viking, sponsored by Volvo do Brasil, the Transport Safety Memorial is an innovative and pioneering museological project in Brazil, dedicated exclusively to traffic safety. In seven years between design and construction, Straub faced the challenge of bringing together a multidisciplinary team of architects, set designers and special effects specialists to create a unique project. The objective was to develop an interactive and sensory space, capable of transmitting the message in a playful and attractive way.

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The museum's concept involves visual aids to highlight the importance of wearing seat belts, as well as other good traffic prevention practices. Together with the Expography Architect Aurelio Sant'Anna and the journalist and writer Maria Celeste Correa, Straub Design adopted a creative approach in exploring the history of means of transport since the dawn of humanity, demonstrating how society has evolved in search of better and safer ways to transport yourself. A timeline displays historical indicators of vehicle safety in Brazil and worldwide.

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”Wonderful! Self-explanatory, lots of discoveries and innovations about the evolution of transport!”

Henriette Machado (Visitor)
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