Votorantim 18.18

Led by Symnetics, Strategy Consulting and Innovation, the goals of the 18.18 program were to create the perception that all leaders are the protagonists of a cycle that began in 2018 and that all will be the authors of the story that will be built over the next hundred years. . Empower leaders to assume the role of active agents in the pursuit of innovation from the holistic concept of knowledge and renewal.

Designed collaboratively with the Symnetics innovation team, the 18.18 symbol, developed from an existing source with symmetrical shapes, reflects the seriousness of the program. Composed of two eighteen, the first being filled with color, which conveys what has been built to date. The second, composed of a contour, represents the transition in the next 100 years. Accompanied by the slogan “It's my turn to make history”, which has an exclusive source, conceptualizes the fluidity and spontaneity of the movement.

Category: Visual Identity
Client: Votorantim
Year: 2018

IF Design Award 2016

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